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Richard Breese

Designer and Artist:Richard Breese
Street:Field House, Avenue Road
City:Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6UN
Country:United Kingdom
Award Winning Games:
Aladdin's DragonsGamers Choice Awards: Multiplayer Nominees (2001)
Key to the City: LondonGamers Choice Awards: Multiplayer Nominees (2017)
KeyflowerGamers Choice Awards: Multiplayer Nominees (2013)
Deutscher Spielepreis ('German Game Award'), Rank: 8 (2013)
MorgenlandDeutscher Spielepreis ('German Game Award'), Rank: 9 (2000)
Gamers Choice Awards: Multiplayer Nominees (2001)
Biography:Richard was born in 1956 and lives in Stratford-upon-Avon in England, the
birthplace of William Shakespeare. He is married to Dawn and they have
three sons, Mark, Stuart and Jonathan, all of whom are keen games players
like their father. Richard is a qualified banker, a Chartered Accountant
and also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA). He is currently
Group Finance Director for an international property development company.

Richard has been a life long gamer and particularly enjoys family games. He
published his first game, Chamelequin in 1989. This led to Richards first
visit to the Essen games fair in 1991 and to his discovery of the German
games scene.

Richard has produced two further limited edition games since, Keywood in
1995, which won Sumo games magazines Gamekit of the Year award, and Keydom
in 1998. Keydom has been reworked and reissued as Morgenland by Hans im
Glück and Aladdin's Dragons by Rio Grande Games.

Published games

Aladdin's Dragons2000Rio Grande GamesRichard BreeseBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), EFUN (EN), ES (EN), H@LL9000 (DE)US$ 27.9527.12.09 
Chamelequin1991R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), ER (EN), H@LL9000 (DE) 31.03.09Out of print
Demetra2007QWG GamesRichard BreeseBoardMaster Print SeriesGamepack (EN) 09.11.07 
Fowl Play2006R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoard Doppelspiel (DE), H@LL9000 (DE)EUR 40.0019.04.07Out of print
Inhabit the Earth2015R&D Games
Richard BreeseBoard angespielt (DE), (DE), DCLIQ (DE), Heimspiele (DE), Pöppelkiste (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), Spieletest (DE), spielfreude (DE), SpielKult (DE), Spielphase (DE)EUR 45.0021.07.17 
Key Flow2018R&D GamesRichard Breese
Ian Vincent
Sebastian Bleasdale
Board   31.03.19In print
Key Harvest2007R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoardKeyAEIOU.DE (DE), BrettspieleReport (DE), Faidutti (EN,FR), FAIRspielt (DE), Gamepack (EN), H@LL9000 (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), Spielphase (DE), Topolino (DE)EUR 40.0019.11.14 
Key Market2010R&D GamesRichard Breese
David Brain
BoardKeyGamepack (EN), Gamepack (NL), H@LL9000 (DE), SpielMitMir (DE), Spielphase (DE) 28.11.14 
Key to the City: London2016R&D Games
Richard Breese
Sebastian Bleasdale
BoardKeyBRETTSPIEgeL (DE), H@LL9000 (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), SpieLama (DE) 04.01.18 
Keydom1998R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoardKeyDHK (DE), EFUN-ORDER (EN), ERH (EN), JurySdJ (DE), REVIEW (EN) 10.01.07 
Keyflower2013R&D Games
Richard Breese
Sebastian Bleasdale
BoardKeyangespielt (DE), BrettspieleReport (DE), darkpact (DE), DasSpielen (DE), DCLIQ (DE), DHK (DE), Gamepack (EN), Gamepack (NL), H@LL9000 (DE), Lichtbilder (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), RezensionenMillionen (DE), SpieLama (DE), Spieletest (DE), spielfreude (DE), SpielKult (DE), Spielmonster (DE), Topolino (DE), Weltensicht 19.11.14 
Keyflower2012R&D GamesRichard Breese
Sebastian Bleasdale
BoardKeySpielphase (DE)EUR 45.0014.04.15 
Keyflower - the Farmers2013R&D Games
Richard Breese
Sebastian Bleasdale
BoardKeyangespielt (DE), Gamepack (EN), Gamepack (NL), Spieletest (DE) 01.11.16In print
Keyflower: Beekeeper2014R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoard   28.05.15 
Keyflower: Key Celeste2013Huch!Richard BreeseBoard   24.12.14 
Keyflower: Pig Shelter2015R&D GamesRichard Breese
Sebastian Bleasdale
Board   18.10.15 
Keyflower: Storyteller2013R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoard   28.05.15 
Keyflower: The Merchants2014Huch!Richard BreeseBoard Spieletest (DE) 01.11.16 
Keyflower: Trader2014Huch!Richard BreeseBoard   23.12.14 
Keyper2017R&D Games
Game Salute
Richard BreeseBoard H@LL9000 (DE), SpieLama (DE) 19.03.18 
Keythedral2004Pro LudoRichard BreeseBoardKeyGoodGameGuide (DE), H@LL9000 (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), Spieletest (DE)EUR 35.0003.11.13Out of print
Keythedral2002R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoardKeyDHK (DE), EFUN-ORDER (EN), EFUN (EN), EPE (EN), H@LL9000 (DE), Spielphase (DE), WestparkGamers (EN)EUR 35.0003.11.13In print
Keytown2000R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoardKeyDHK (DE), EFUN-ORDER (EN), EFUN (EN), ER (EN), Spielphase (DE), WestparkGamers (DE)DM 6010.01.07 
Keywood1995R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoardKeyEPE (EN), ER (EN), ER (EN), GoodGameGuide (DE), JurySdJ (DE) 10.01.07 
Morgenland2000Hans im GlückRichard BreeseBoard DB (DE), DB (DE), DBN (DE), DHK (DE), DLZ (DE), Faidutti (EN,FR), FAIRspielt (DE), GamesWePlay (DE), GoodGameGuide (DE), H@LL9000 (DE), JurySdJ (DE), MisterX (DE), Pöppelkiste (DE), ReichDerSpiele (DE), SpielMitMir (DE), Spielphase (DE)DM 6007.03.14 
O'Kudos2006spielboxRichard BreeseBoardSpielbox  11.01.07 
Reef Encounter2005What’s Your Game?Richard BreeseBoardReef EncounterEBGWS (EN) 10.01.07In print
Reef Encounter2004R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoardReef EncounterEMS (EN), FAIRspielt (DE), Gamepack (EN), H@LL9000 (DE), Spielphase (DE), WestparkGamers (DE)EUR 40.0002.04.14Out of print
Reef Encounters of the Second Kind2006R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoardReef Encounter EUR 30.0010.01.07Out of print
The BoardGameGeek Game2009R&D GamesRichard BreeseBoard H@LL9000 (DE), Spieletest (DE) 22.03.10 

Games published as artist

O'Kudos2006spielboxRichard BreeseBoardSpielbox  11.01.07 

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