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American Megafauna, 2nd edition

Edition:2Bild von 'American Megafauna, 2nd edition'
Jahr:Essen 2006
Autor/in:Phil Eklund
Verlag:Sierra Madre Games
Serie:American Megafauna
Preis:US$ 40.00
Anzahl Spieler:2-4
Altersgruppe:ab 9 Jahre
Spieldauer:2 bis 4 Stunden
Englische Rezensionen:ES
Informationen:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Vorgänger:American Megafauna (1997); Sierra Madre Games; Phil Eklund
Kommentar:This edition is in full color with stand up cardboard dinosaur pieces.
Pressetext:American Megafauna pits dinosaurs against mammals in ancient America. The game is designed for two to four players, from ages 9 to adult, or can be played solitaire. It recreates the titanic contest of these two types of prehistoric beasts from the Triassic to the present. The contest initially appeared to be won by the dinosaurs, who strutted triumphant for 170 million years, only to be overthrown, in what must be the upset of the eon, by the mammals. Yet the contest is not over.
This is a game of ecology, evolution, and DNA. Players start as one of four nondescript archetypes, but can branch out to new species from this basic type by bidding on genotype and DNA cards as they are revealed. For auction "currency," players use gene coins from a "gene pool." DNA cards allow players to create strange animals, from cud-chewing crocodiles with antlers, to saber-tooth meat-eating camels.
In the the advanced version, the continent of Laurentia is occasionally flooded or glaciated; greenhouse levels change; and the three Milankovitch cycles are handled by cards that occur with historical probabilities. Biome cards, including cycad prairies, mountains, ice sheets, and mangrove swamps, appear on the map in succession according to "climax" ratings.
Material:12-page rulebook
18" x 22" map
4 physiology sheets
Timeline sheet
188 die-cut cards
120 DNA tents
224 population tents
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