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Lion of the North

Autor/in:Richard Berg
Mark Herman
Verlag:GMT Games
Serie:Great Battles of History
Preis:US$ 35
Anzahl Spieler:1-4
Hintergrund:30 Years' War
Englische Rezensionen:EZ, EZ
Homepages:Homepage (EN), Homepage (EN)
Material:480 full-color two-sided counters, including 17 full-color two-sided 1x1/2" counters representing heavy infantry (pikemen), 24 full-color two-sided 5/8" counters representing tercios
One full-color 22x34" mapsheet and one full-color 17x22" mapsheet
One 6-sided die
One 10-sided die
32-page Rule Book
16-page Scenario Book
Optional Rules Sheet -- including Frenzied Units, Exploding Guns, and the Death of Gustavus
Three different 8.5x11" Player Aid Cards
Letzte Änderung:10.01.07

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