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Verlag:Out of the Box Publishing
Preis:US$ 19.95
Anzahl Spieler:3-8
Altersgruppe:ab 12 Jahre
Spieldauer:20 Minuten bis ½ Stunde
Englische Rezensionen:Faidutti, The Games Journal
Französische Rezensionen:Faidutti
Bezugsquellen:EFUN (EN)
Ähnliche Spiele:Squint Junior (2005); Out of the Box Publishing
Beschreibung:Squint, and see your family and friends come together for this exciting new party game from the makers of Apples to Apples.

The focus is on fun! Using a variety of shapes, build a picture of the item listed on your Squint Card.

Get the picture? If one of the players guesses what you are building before time runs out, you both score points!

Squint is the innovative, fast-moving party game for three to eight players.

Everyone plays on every turn... the fun never stops!
Material:72 Shape cards
168 Squint cards
80 Scoring chips
Squint Die
Card Tray
Quick Play Rules
Letzte Änderung:10.01.07

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