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Academy Games

Publisher name:Academy Games

Published games

1775: Rebellion2013Academy GamesBeau BeckettBoard   24.12.14 
Bloody Crossroads: Gettysburg Day 12014Academy GamesUwe EickertBoard   23.12.14 
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear Firefight Generator2015Academy GamesGunter EickertBoard   18.10.15 
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! Russia 1941-422008Academy GamesUwe EickertBoard SpieLama (DE) 13.09.08 
Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front Solo Expansion2015Academy GamesJohn H. Butterfield
Uwe Eickert
Gunter Eickert
Board   18.10.15 
Freedom: The Underground Railroad2013Academy GamesBrian MayerBoard SpieLama (DE) 24.12.14 
High Command: Europe2014Academy GamesOriol GarciaBoard   23.12.14 
Strike of the Eagle2009Academy Games
Gry Leonardo
Uwe Eickert
Robert Zak
Brian Bennet
War HomoLudens (DE) 05.10.17Some copies still available

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