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Choose the fields to be displayed in all game listsGame name
Publisher name
Number in series
Last modified
Set number of days for listing games and reviews as 'new'
This determines how long new games and reviews are marked as "new" and included in the respective lists.
Select languageDeutsch English
Select the language in which the texts in Luding shall be displayed. If some of the information for a game is not available in your selected language (e.g., press info), the respective item will be displayed in a different language, so you are not going to miss any information
Show Reviews inNew window Same window
If you select option "New window", a new browser window will be opened (once) to display the reviews. If you select option "Same window", reviews will be displayed in the Luding window.
Similar reviewsShow reviews for selected game only Show related reviews Similar reviews
If you choose "Show reviews for selected game only" only reviews for the selected game will be displayed. If you select "Show related reviews", reviews belonging to the selected game and its successors, predecessors, and translations will also be listed. If the option "Similar reviews" is selected, all reviews belonging to the selected game and all similar games will be displayed. In the last two cases, reviews belonging to the selected game are printed in bold.
Show foreign language textsShow texts in foreign languages Display texts in English only
If you select the option "Show texts in foreign languages", information in a different language, usually German, will be displayed, if no English information is available. If you select "Display texts in English only", only English information will be displayed. Remember that most of the parts lists and press information is only available in German.
Graphical MenuNo, show the menu as text only Yes, use graphics to display the menu
If you select "No, show the menu as text only" the menu on the left is text only, while when selecting "Yes, use graphics to display the menu", graphics will be used. The text version contains more information, making navigating easier, and is shorter, while the graphic version keeps the old Luding style.