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Luding Credits

Luding was transferred from Jörg Henrichs to H@LL9000 at the end of 2013. As all of us at H@LL9000 and Luding work on this in our spare time, we depend on information on the german, emglish and amrican gaming scene preferrably in eletronic form. We like to thank all supporters:
  • first of all many thanks to Jörg Henrichs who was the heart of luding for over 15 years, kept all data up to date and helped us tremendously in the process of transferring Luding to H@LL9000. We hope he will support us from time to time by any problems.

  • Sun Microsystems and the Chair of Information Systems, Aachen University of Technology, Aachen, Germany, for making Sun SITE Central Europe available as Web server before transferred to H@LL9000. Of course, special thanks go to the Web master,

  • the Fachgruppe Spiel, a group of game publishers in Germany, for their financial support of the domain before the transfer to H@LL9000,

  • the idealo internet GmbH for the coverage of server costs from 2022,

  • Mario Boller-Olfert for creating luding and maintaining it single-handedly for several years,

  • Stefanie Kethers, who organised the usage of Sun SITE Central Europe for luding and co-maintained luding from 1998 till 2003,

  • Christian Scholz, who designed the Luding logo and the original "look and feel",

  • all publishers, game designers, web masters, and other gamers who email me any game-related information. In particular, I also wish to thank several publishers, Bambus Spieleverlag, Kronberger Spiele, Adlung, Alea, Lookout Games, and Zoch, Cheapass Games, Rio Grande, Eurogames, FanFor, Fata Morgana (in particular Urs Hostettler), and as well as Spielbox online, one of the biggest German games magazines, for sending pictures and press information, and/or for allowing me to use information, pictures, texts, etc. from their sites

  • by Andrea Harbke for sending in an incredible amount of pictures and information about games

  • by Christian Hildenbrand, who regularly sends information and corrections about games

  • by Richard Heli, who has provided a huge amount of information over the last years

  • everybody who sent and will send feedback, criticism, or new ideas with regard to the new Luding design

  • and, of course, everybody who uses Luding!
If you feel we have forgotten someone, please send us an email to luding< at > luding < dot > org