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"What board games work well for two players?"

That question seemed to pop up fairly regularly on rec.games.board. And so, one day, years ago, I decided to sift through all the old postings and make a "master" list, if you will, of what had been recommended.

I'd post this list from time to time, and when the fine folks at Luding came along and said, "Hey, can we put your list on our web page?" I thought, cool.

My preference from the beginning was to collect those multiplayer games that also worked well for two. You know, finding that box that read, say, "2-5 players" and actually meant it. Or finding some variant that made a 4-player game work as a 2-player game.

The list has grown over the years, so to make my life easier, I've split it into two pages: multiplayer board games that work for two, and games designed just for two. To make your life easier, the sidebar on the left contains all the game titles from both pages, so you can just click on individual titles if you aren't interested in scrolling though either page.

Titles in the sidebar marked "new" are either a) previously discussed games with newly added content or b) games making the list for the first time (though the games themselves may be old titles).

The Lists and Quickies are just that. They're on their own separate page, and are NOT included in the sidebar titles.

I've left off the "classic" two-player games like Chess, Dominoes, Scrabble, anything played with a standard 52-card deck, etc. I've also not included any negatives views on a game that didn't also have at least one positive posting.

All recommendations are attributed to their authors (or handles when names weren't available) along with the year they were posted, and have been occasionally edited - mostly to remove thread-specific references and asides.

As always, if you'd like to add a game or two, or flesh out a few of your favorites relegated to just appearing on the Lists and Quickies page, please feel free to e-mail me.



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