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Giacomo Sottocasa

Autor/in:Giacomo Sottocasa
Biographie:Giacomo Sottocasa is a lawyer who simply loves games. He's first game design experience has been getting toghether "Angeli e demoni" (RPG) development team, he translated "Le Straordinarie Avventure del Barone di Munchausen" for the italian edition, he is the designer of "Free Fantasy Rpg" (an open source rpg) and "Crash! the bankrupt game" (card game).

Veröffentlichte Spiele

Crash - The Bankrupt Game2003Giacomo SottocasaRose & PoisonGesellschaftsspiel BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN)10.01.07EUR 11.00 
Deus Vult!2005Giacomo Sottocasa
Sergio Giovannini
Rose & PoisonGesellschaftsspiel BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), GoodGameGuide (DE), Spielepizza-INFO (DE,IT)11.02.07 Lieferbar
Free Fantasy2002Giacomo Sottocasa
Rose & Poison
Rose & PoisonRollenspiel  10.01.07  

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