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La Squadriglia degli Assi

Autor/in:Andrea Angiolino
Gregory Alegi
Verlag:Italian Air Force Ministry
Anzahl Spieler:2
Altersgruppe:ab 10 Jahre
Spieldauer:½ Stunde und mehr
Hintergrund:Air war 1914-1918
Kommentar:Published in poster format by the Italian Air Force Ministry to be given with its magazine 'Rivista Aeronautica - Notiziario Giovani'
Pressetext:"La Squadriglia degli Assi" is a simulation boardgame about air warfare during World War I. Each counter depicts an airplane: most of the models that saw operative service on the Italian front between 1915 to 1918, even if in a few exemplars, are included in the game. Scenarios range from doghfights to recon missions, from bombing to trench starfing and so on. The hex-grid of the map is printed on a full color painting of an aerial view of the front, reconstructed from real recon photos taken on the Italian-Austrian front during WWI. The game has not been sold on the market. It has been published in poster format in about 10.000 copies by the Italian Air Force Ministry, to be given with its magazine 'Rivista Aeronautica - Notiziario Giovani'. 12 pages were dedicated to the basic rules, optional rules and scenarios.
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