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I misteri delle catacombe

Jahr:2000Bild von 'I misteri delle catacombe'
Autor/in:Andrea Angiolino
Domenico Di Giorgio
Francesca Garello
Preis:IL 20.000
Pressetext:This is a solo adventure gamebook. We are in Rome, in the popular quarter of Testaccio. Time is 3rd century AD. The neightbours of the young kid Marco suddenly disappear. The reader-main character must investigate about this mystery. He will have to use all his instinct and ability to meet his friends again, and maybe to save them from a dark minace. Several boxes explain all the details about everyday life in ancient Rome: from gladiators' games to cuisine, from coins to traffic, from calendary to fire brigades. You do not need to study them to play, but they can give answers to the many curiosities that the book could arise to the reader.
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