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La veridica historia di Cristobal Colon

Jahr:1991Bild von 'La veridica historia di Cristobal Colon'
Autor/in:Andrea Angiolino
Agostino Carocci
Giuliano Boschi
Luca Giuliano
Massimo Casa
Serie:I Cavalieri del Tempio
Preis:lir 12.000
Kommentar:Avventure nei segreti del Rinascimento
Pressetext:The first expansion set for the RPG " I Cavalieri del Tempio - Avventure nei segreti della storia" allows to add the Renaissance to the available settings for adventures. The background of the game is completed by an enemy organization, the Obscure Power: an evil sect devoted to the control of the present, opposite to the Templar Knights whose imperscrutable goals are good and that are devoted to the shapening of the future. Additional rules include a new exoteric power and the introduction of firearms.

A section is dedicated to everyday life in Europe in the fiftheen century, with data and NPCs as in the same section of the basic rulebook. The Spain of that age is expecially detailed in the introduction to the adventure, "La veridica historia di Cristobal Colon", where the players have to convince the Kings of Spain to finance Columbus' expedition to the New World, help Isabel to get the money and defeat mysterious characters that want to stop the famous discoverer.
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