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CYB - Gioco di ruolo in un lontano futuro

Jahr:1997Bild von 'CYB - Gioco di ruolo in un lontano futuro'
Autor/in:Andrea Angiolino
Agostino Carocci
Giuliano Boschi
Luca Giuliano
Massimo Casa
Verlag:Quality Game s.r.l.
Preis:lir 2.000
Enthalten in:Giochi del 2000 (1995); Quality Game s.r.l.
Kommentar:First published on the magazine 'Kappa' in january-february 1992. Original system using normal playing cards instead of dice
Pressetext:"CYB" is a post-apocalyptic role playing game set in a world conquered by plants. Players are cyborgs waking up after a centenary sleep: they do not even know their partly mechanical origin, but they discover it soon. "CYB" has been published for the first time as an introductory RPG in the Italian monthly computer games magazine Kappa in january/february 1991. Polyhedric dice were rare in Italy at that time, so the system uses a deck of poker playing cards instead. An easy check is considered successful by picking a card with a certain number or less; for a difficult check it should be of a certain color too; for a very difficult check it should be of a certain suit as well. Experience is also based on playing cards, that are picked up randomly at the end of each adventure and can be assembled as instructions to program the mechanical part of the body, gaining extra skills and powers.
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