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Basic - Egitto

Jahr:1998Bild von 'Basic - Egitto'
Autor/in:Andrea Angiolino
Pier Giorgio Paglia
Stefano Pischedda
Marco Crosa
Fabio Fracas
Simona Dehò
Serie:Basic Role Playing Game
Preis:lir 19.000
Kommentar:More, but unmentioned authors were involved. Won the 'Best of Show' price at 'Lucca Games' March 1999.
Pressetext:This supplement for the "Basic - Gioco di ruolo universale" RPG is dedicated to an ancient Egypt full of magic and mysteries. First of all, it has a rich historical section about the real ancient Egypt, with notes on politics, military organization, religion and everyday life. There are special rules about magic rituals and amulets. Notes on character generation follw: there are alsi suggested "classes" such as the Warrior, the Scribe and the Priest/Wizard. A set of additional skills are provided, including Bargain, Herbalist, Metal Smith. A section describes typical weapons of Ancient Egypt, another lists animals and magic creatures.

Three adventures complete the book: "Sogni di potere", "Lunga vita al Faraone!" and "Libera nos a Hyksos!". Two more adventures are described in a few lines, to be developed by game masters. "Basic Egitto" won the Best of Show prize as best Italian game at the Lucca Games show, in March 1999.
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