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Il gioco di ruolo di Dragonball + Dragonball Z

Jahr:1999Bild von 'Il gioco di ruolo di Dragonball + Dragonball Z'
Autor/in:Andrea Angiolino
Paolo Parrucci
Verlag:Nexus Editrice
Preis:lir 19.000
Kommentar:The role-playing game after Dragonball comics and cartoons. The game 'Dragonball Z - Il Torneo Tenkaichi' can be used as an optional set of combat rules. Won the 'Best of Show' prize at 'Lucca Games' Nov. 1999
Pressetext:The RPG of Dragonball is an Italian project of an easy RPG and two boardgames, that can be used indipendently or to enrich the RPG. The setting is the famous comics and cartoon world of Dragonball, by the Japanese artist Akira Toriyama. Martial arts play an important role in the game, that keeps the humorous style expecially typical of the first part of the story. A quite deep research work has been needed to make those games to depict the world of Dragonball and all its characters. This has been even more difficult since the Italian transations of comic books, TV serials and movies have been different, giving different names to places and people. Besides, the private channel Italia Uno that broadcasted the TV serie at national level censored several scenes. The RPG has a very simple basic system that is explained in just two pages of rules and allows to play the first introductory adventure, "Le Sette Sfere". To help beginner players, 16 characters are pre-rolled. They stage the main characters of the cartoon and they can also be used as famous PNGs.

Each character has 4 main characteristics: Strenght, Agility, Smartness and Charme. Then there is Defence, that measures the chance of avoiding dangerous things: a mix of dexterity, luck and bulk. And then there is Endurance, that is the capability to stand fatigue and pain: a mix of constitution and willpower. Every character has also a Flaw: Goku has a Out-of-control Hunger, Mr. Satan has Vanity, Olong has Feticism, Lunch has Double Personality... Because of this, sometimes the character does what he want and not what the player wants! There is also a set of advanced rules, whit the indications about how to generate new characters and where the martial arts are expecially detailed. Players wanting more complex rules can solve combats using the boardgame "Dragonball Z - Il Torneo Tenkaichi" in the same collection. A long section about the world of Dragonball, its creatures and the famous NPGs from the comics and movies complete the book. The boardgame "Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle sette sfere" provides more encounters and some magic/technological items that can be used by the game master to further enrich the adventures. The colorful board of the game is also useful as a reference map of the world.
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