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Time’s up!

Autor/in:Peter Sarrett
Verlag:R&R Games
Serie:Time’s up!
Preis:US $19.99
Anzahl Spieler:4-
Altersgruppe:ab 12 Jahre
Spieldauer:1 Stunde
Deutsche Rezensionen:GoodGameGuide
Englische Rezensionen:EFUN
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Bezugsquellen:EFUN (EN)
Übersetzungen:Time’s up! (2005); Pro Ludo; Peter Sarrett
Pressetext:OK, the idea of this game is to race through the Deck of Fame and get your teammate(s) to guess who's on your card. Each team gets only 30 seconds per turn and the Deck passes from team to team until it's empty. Most cards collected wins the game. Sounds pretty fast and easy...? Ah, but there are three rounds and you've only made it through the first. Rounds Two and Three are played with the same Deck but place limits on what you can say and do. It's a bit more challenging... and absolutely hilarious.

Time's UP! takes about a minute to learn and you'll end up laughing your head off. And then you'll want to play it again. And again. And... well you get the idea...
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