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La storia di Risiko e l'anello mancante

Jahr:2002Bild von 'La storia di Risiko e l'anello mancante'
Autor/in:Roberto Convenevole
Francesco Bottone
Verlag:Novecento Grafica e Comunicazione
Preis:EUR 13.90
Pressetext:"The history of Risk and the missing link" is a book about one of the most famous boardgame of the last century. The authors tells the history of "La Conquete du Monde" from the invention to the publication and its spreading all over the world with the title of "Risk", or "Risiko" for German and Italian gamers. Several editors of the various editions have been interviewed to get first hand informations. The book compares the particular rules used in different nations and editions, examining the advantages and faults of each. The authors also collect some variants which appeared all over Europe and present their own variant, "Blind Risk", in which armies are placed on the board only at the moment of attacks. The book is in Italian, but the "Blind Risk" rules are also translated in English, French and German. A large colour poster with four old, out-of-print maps complete the book.
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