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Angeli e Demoni

Jahr:1997Bild von 'Angeli e Demoni'
Autor/in:Antonio Sottocasa
Verlag:Rose & Poison
Serie:Angeli e Demoni
Preis:EUR 18.00
Pressetext:A modern-day dark RPG with a particular interest for the narrative point of view. The rules book for the player and the master (narrator), with very simple rules (only 3 main characteristics for the physical, mental and spiritual traits) and two way of gaming: in a cooperative party (as traditional rpg) or in a hidden way, where noone knows the real beign of the other playes.

More, in the book here are 4 adventures to introduce the game.
Material:112 pages book, including 4 basic adventures
Letzte Änderung:09.01.07

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