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I Dadi, I Cavallier, L'Arme e gli Amori

Jahr:2003Bild von 'I Dadi, I Cavallier, L'Arme e gli Amori'
Autor/in:Gianluca Meluzzi
Lorenzo Trenti
Verlag:Rose & Poison
Preis:EUR 5.00
Vorgänger:Orlando Furioso (1993); City Council of Rome; Andrea Angiolino,Gianluca Meluzzi
Orlando Furioso (2002); Rose & Poison; Andrea Angiolino,Gianluca Meluzzi
Kommentar:In italienisch.
Pressetext:This is the first adventure supplement for "Orlando Furioso", a simple but complete role-playing game about King Charles' Paladins. The title "I Dadi, I Cavallier, L'Arme e gli Amori" is the name of a writing contest for adventures for this RPG. This supplement contains "Per terre e per mari", by Lorenzo Trenti, that is the winner of the first edition of the contest. Besides it, there is another adventure by Gianluca Meluzzi: "Orlando Errabondo".

The illustrations are ancient engravings by Gustave Doré, as in the basic
Material:Book with 16 illustrated pages.
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