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Inventare destini - I giochi di ruolo per l'educazione

Jahr:2003Bild von 'Inventare destini - I giochi di ruolo per l'educazione'
Autor/in:Andrea Angiolino
Luca Giuliano
Beniamino Sidoti
Verlag:La Meridiana
Preis:EUR 18.00
Ähnliche Spiele:Mediterraneo (1992); Quality Game s.r.l.,Demetra; Andrea Angiolino
Orlando Furioso (2002); Rose & Poison; Andrea Angiolino,Gianluca Meluzzi
On Stage! - Metodo di improvvisazione teatrale nel mondo di William Shakespeare (1995); DaS Productions; Luca Giuliano
Pressetext:The title translates into "Inventing Destinies - Role-Playing games in education". The book explains what role-playing games are and lists all the RPGs published in Italy from 1994 to now. Then there are theorical and pratical suggestions on how to use RPGs in schools, libraries, prisons and so on, together with several reports on different experiences. There are plenty of practical materials. "Solaria - il gioco di ruolo del Rinascimento" ("Solaria - The Renaissance RPG") is a game developed in a high school: the Liceo Scientifico Barsanti e Matteucci from Viareggio. It is particularly useful for activities in classrooms or with large groups of players. The generic rules "Qui comincia l'avventura..." ("Here the adventure begins...") is a simplified version of the rules of "Mediterraneo" and "Orlando Furioso", that can be used in any milieu. There are ready adventures taken from the movies "Excalibur", "Robin Hood" and "The Betrothed". There are the rules to play the RPG "On Stage!" with huge numbers of people, instand than at the table: playing sheets are included to play an "Hamlet - Interactive theater" with a voting public that chooses the results of the confrontations between the characters. All the materials have been tested in educative settings, with kids and boys from 7 to 18 years and more, along 12 years of so of experimentations.
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