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Prendi e porta a casa!

Jahr:2002Bild von 'Prendi e porta a casa!'
Autor/in:Beniamino Sidoti
Verlag:Rose & Poison
Preis:EUR 14.00
Anzahl Spieler:3-6
Altersgruppe:ab 10 Jahre
Spieldauer:20 bis 40 Minuten
Kommentar:Rules in Italian and English.
Pressetext:Prendi e Porta a casa! is a simple and fast card game, that allows you to exchange politically correct insults with no offence for anyone. Each player has a pack of insults to exchange with other players, and someone will also have special cards to gain a faster victory.

The aim is quite simple: each player will try to remain without cards in his hand and in his pack of affronts. The first one to succed in this has won the game. The winner is the first player who finishes his own pack, drawing the last card. Beniamino Sidoti, the author, is a baldhead, who works in games and narration from ever.
Material:110 cards
Letzte Änderung:10.01.07

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