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The Artifact

Autor/in:Phil Eklund
Verlag:Sierra Madre Games
Preis:US$ 25.00
Anzahl Spieler:3-8
Spieldauer:2 Stunden
Englische Rezensionen:EZ
Informationen:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Ähnliche Spiele:Last Frontier: the Vesuvius Incident (1993); Fat Messiah Games; Neal Sofge,Phil Eklund,Michael Wasson
Pressetext:An intense four-way blind game taking place in a museum warehouse in outer space, The Artifact is guaranteed to be the most gripping situational game ever. You play against the other players, not the game system, while a referee judges the mostly-hidden action. You will need to use your best negotiating skills and watch your back to survive this experience.

Above all, keep your true identity secret! What are the pirates' intentions? Does the Mad Scientist have something up his sleeve, or is he bluffing? Are the two intruders really working for the phone company? And what is the nature of the mysterious aliens? All of these questions will be answered differently each time you play The Artifact.
Material:Rules booklet
4 complete copies of Last Frontier
Letzte Änderung:16.08.07

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