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Last Frontier: the Vesuvius Incident

Autor/in:Neal Sofge
Phil Eklund
Michael Wasson
Verlag:Fat Messiah Games
Preis:US$ 10.00
Anzahl Spieler:1
Spieldauer:2 Stunden
Englische Rezensionen:EM, EM, EZ
Ähnliche Spiele:The Artifact (2001); Sierra Madre Games; Phil Eklund
Pressetext:Last Frontier: The Vesuvius Incident is a tense science fiction boardgame for one player. As the marines explore the doomed ship, a random "chit-in-a-cup" system generates events and encounters, creating an unpredictable environment. You never know what's behind the next door -- it could be the ship's log, or a terror-stricken crewman, or a malevolent alien. Detailed mechanics resolve alien actions, line of sight, multiple targets, weapon jams, explosives, collateral damage, computer malfunctions, decompression, human abduction, and panic. In between fights, the marines can regroup, secure areas, and conduct non-combat activities like computer hacking or equipment repair. Meanwhile, an orbital timer counts down as the ship plummets towards its fiery doom...

"We were coming back from New Hope when something went wrong. I guess the engineering section of the Vesuvius had taken a hit somewhere, because we dropped out of hyperspace and into the gravity well of Beta 07291. Then we got the distress call. A Goddard-class lab ship in a decaying low orbit ..."

The time is 2175. Other stars have been colonized for over 150 years. Humanity is fast becoming a true interstellar species. The cavalry of the 22nd century are the UN Colonial Marine Corps.

Last Frontier: the Vesuvius Incident is a solitaire board game in which you take command of a team of 12 heavily armored marines as they board a crippled lab ship in a decaying orbit. You must learn what happened, rescue the surviving crew, and escape the ship before it burns up in the atmosphere. Beware of escaped lab animals, berserk robots, and a sabotaged defense system. And is something else lurking on board the ship . . . ?
Material:17" x 22" map
24-page rulebook
160 color counters
Ziplock bag
Letzte Änderung:24.08.07

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