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Richard A. Onanian

Designer:Richard A. Onanian
Biography:1964 - Designed Facts-in-Five from ideas contained in an article appearing in the "This Week" Sunday magazine supplement entitled "J.F.K.'s "Favorite game."
              Formed Advanced Ideas Co. to produce and market the game.
1966 - Licensed game to 3M Company, who then published the game in 1967 as part of their Bookshelf Series. Ran out my inventories and stopped selling game.
1976 - Licensed the game to Avalon Hill Game Co., pursuant to 3M selling its game business to AH.
1999 - All rights to game reclaimed by Richard A. Onanian, at the same time that Avalion Hill sold its game business to Hasbro Games Co.

Published games

Facts in Five1976Richard A. OnanianAvalon HillBoardLeisure Time/Family GamesEFUN-ORDER (EN), Spielenswert (DE)09.01.07  
Facts in Five1965Richard A. Onanian3MBoardBookshelf GamesEFUN-ORDER (EN), GamePile (EN), Spielenswert (DE)26.04.07 Out of print

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