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Axis & Allies: Europe

Year:Nürnberg 2000Picture of 'Axis & Allies: Europe'
Designer:Lawrence H. Harris
Publisher name:Avalon Hill
Status:Out of print
Series:Axis & Allies
Price:US$ 34.95
No. of players:2-4
Duration:3 to 4 hours
Setting:WW II
German reviews:DBAR, Spielphase
English reviews:EFUN, EZ
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN), INFO (EN)
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Press info:Decide the future of Europe - and the world - in this incredible game of military strategy, courage and cunning! The European Theater of World War II remains the same, but you control the events. As a world leader, you must initiate masterful military maneuvers, conjure up clever economic strategies, and play power politics to lead your nation to victory.
Contents:Extra-large gameboard map, 369 Plastic Playing Pieces, Industrial Production Certificates, 4 National Reference Charts, National Control Markers, National Production Charts, Battle Board Chart, 12 Dice, Plastic Chips (red and gray), Game Play Manual
Picture of 'Axis & Allies: Europe'
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