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Publisher name:Avalon Hill
No. of players:2
Duration:2 to 4 hours
Setting:American Civil War
Information:INFO (EN)
Press info:June 30, 1863 ... poised on the edge of a battlefield are the forces that are to make the name of a small Pennsylvania town one of the best known in American history ... GETTYSBURG. Here, where Blue is to meet Grey in the decisive battle of the Civil War, you take your command.

Your skill, your judgment and daring can change the course of history. You command all the original troops in this historic battle, guide their destiny as they fight across an accurate, detailed map of the battlefield. Cavalry, infantry, and artillery come to life once again to decide a new course, a new outcome to the conflict. The results are in your hands.

GETTYSBURG is another Avalon Hill game designed for those who enjoy the thrills and excitement of all-skill, realistic games for adults. Always, to play an Avalon Hill game is an exhilarating challenge ... to give one, a subtle compliment.
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