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Year:2002Picture of 'Agora'
Designer:James Ernest
Publisher name:Cheapass Games
Status:In print
Article number:CAG961
Series:Hip Pocket Games
Price:US$ 4
No. of players:2-4
Duration:20 minutes
Information:BoardGameGeek (EN)
Comment:Each player will need a set of about 20 stones in his/her favorite color.
Box text:Ever wondered what it's like to compete as a merchant in an ancient Greek marketplace? Of course not. But trust us, it's exactly like this. Agora is a fine little tile game in the Hip Pocket series, featuring the unique mechanic that you can play a card anywhere on the table and in any orientation. The resulting board is so organic you'd swear you were in ancient Greece.

Players take turns collecting income and constructing shops. You only make money if pedestrians can reach your shop, so if you wind up completely surrounded by new construction your income drops to zero. Watch out if you own the biggest store on the table: it's likely to burn down or be destroyed in a sudden, freakish, and highly surgical flood. On the other hand, the biggest shop probably stands to make a bundle from the festivals that happen suddenly from time to time.
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