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Year:Essen 2004Picture of 'Droll!'
Designer:Georg Luft
Art:Katrin Ehmann
Publisher name:Love games!
Status:Out of print
Price:EUR 37.00
No. of players:3-6
Age:5 years and up
Duration:¼ to ½ hour
German reviews:Mit80
Homepages:Homepage (DE)
Comment:Rules available in English
Press info:Droll turns William Shakespeare's romantic and most enchanting comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream" into a hurly-burly "in-teamacy" chase. In the woods near Athens a bunch of enamored asses are in search of their partners. Because of Puck, the asses are always in love with one of several possible asses. Yet, only one ass is the right partner.

By meeting other asses frequently, you can climb the fairies' ladder. But those who are unfaithful and visit the "wrong" asses too often support their opponents. Titania, Oberon, elves, presents and the Wall add tactics to the game. In the romantic version (45-90 mnutes), the players themselves are the asses. They exchange vows of love, turn each other down and give each other romantic presents.

The children's game, which is for children age 5 or older and takes about 15-30 minutes, is played without the fairies and thus moves ahead much faster. Goal: The game is played in pairs or in teams. The pair or team that first meets in the center of the board wins the game. To win the game you must climb the fairies ladders quickly - but you also can get presents from your partner(s). You get points for dating other asses often, but don't be too infidel as this may help your competitors.

"Droll!" combines luck and tactics. You need concentration and you must watch carefully as the asses are always on the move - and no one really knows who is in love with who. A game for fun lovers! All pairs / teams have a chance to win the game to the very last moment.
Contents:edle, große Holz und Terrakottaspielfiguren
hochwertiger, stabiler Karton mit Leinenprägung
Spielbrett 50 x 50 cm
Picture of 'Droll!'
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