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Robin Hood

Publisher name:Steve Jackson GamesPicture of 'Robin Hood'
Box text:Steal From the Rich . . .
Enter a world of gallantry and adventure - a world where tyrants exploit the helpless, and an outlaw hero fights for the oppressed.
This is the world of Robin Hood.
The legend comes to life . . . in six different settings throughout time and space.
Begin your adventure in Sherwood Forest with the original Robin Hood and all his friends and foes.
Dive into swashbuckling adventure with a Highlands rebel, fighting British oppression in 17th-century Scotland.
Journey to the Old West with Splits Arrow and his band of Sioux braves, striking back against the Cavalry.
Face the dark justice of Librum, ruthless super-vigilante of the city night.
Jack into the worldnet with Cyber-Robin while she rips off the greedy corporations that suck the country dry.
Or storm the starships of the corrupt Oratech Corporation with the fearless Asteroid Raider.
Whatever the world, wherever he's needed, there will be a Robin Hood!
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