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Publisher name:Steve Jackson GamesPicture of 'Y2K'
Box text:The Big Crash. The Bug. The End of Technology. The End of Humanity.
GURPS Y2K will be one of your all time favorites!
      - Nostradamus

There are many theories about what will happen when the programming shortcuts of the 1960s come back to haunt us on January 1, 2000. But even if those fears are never realized, the dawn of a new millennium is an uncertain time, and the thoughts of the media and the common man will turn to disaster - much of it man-made!
In GURPS Y2K, nine of your favorite GURPS authors take a long look at millennial fears, from global computer failure to global warming, from nuclear apocalypse to Biblical Apocalypse. You will learn about:
The facts: The "Y2K bug" and other millennial disasters.
The folly: Human stupidity and disaster-movie cliches.
The Conspiracy: The people behind it all and their secret agenda.
The stage: The world as it looks on the eve of 1/1/2000.
The holdouts: Survivalism, and how to weather a disaster.
The hellraisers: Opportunistic gangs and social decay.
The reconstruction: What the world will look like afterward.
The speculative: High-tech fears from SF novels and the evening news.
The superhuman: How metahumans would change the whole equation.
The supernatural: Creepy catastrophes, from Armageddon to zombies.
Are you Y2K compliant?
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