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Year:Essen 2007Picture of 'Saba'
Designer:Knut Happel
Christian Fiore
Art:Christian Fiore
Publisher name:Goldsieber
Status:In print
Main theme:Bau des Palastes der mystischen Königin von Saba
Price:EUR 25.00
Size:großes Brettspiel mit Spielplan
No. of players:2-4
Age:10 years and up
Duration:¾ hour to 1¼ hours
German reviews:BrettspieleReport, Buchwurm, DCLIQ, DHK, GameInn, H@LL9000, Kinderspielmagazin, Pöppelkiste, REVIEW, Ratgeberspiel, Sapiko, SpieLama, SpielMitMir, Spieletest, Spielmonster, Spielphase, Topolino
English reviews:G@mebox
Press info:Saba - the bead of the desert, legendary realm in the Orient.
It's the 9th century in the Kingdom of Saba, the region, that is the Republic of Yemen today.

One day, you are called to the courtyard of the mysterious Queen of Saba. As one of her advisors you are to create her a palace of singular splendour. Intelligently provide for supply of building materials, develop the perfect palace from alabaster and ebony and prevail skillfully against your competitors. Because only the best of her advisors will take his place besides the Queen of Saba as her new Grand Vizier .....

Players use the materials available at the harbor to expand the queen's palace and enjoy her favor. All your efforts have been in vain, though, the moment another contender surpasses you with a more impressive building in the same palace destrict. Will you be the one in front at the decisive moment ?

The game contains a three-dimensional palace (made of cardboard plugged together) on which the players' figures are placed.
Contents:Spielplan, 3D-Palast (zusammengebaut aus 9 Teilen), 40 Spielfiguren, 20 Serailmarker, Rohstoffe in 4 Sorten (Alabaster, Ebenholz, Sandstein, Gold), 24 Palastteile (Torbögen, Brunnen, Säulen), 8 Hafenkarten, 41 Aktionskarten, 1 Wesirfigur.
Picture of 'Saba'
Spielszene "Saba - Palast der Königin"
Picture of 'Saba'
Spielszene "Saba - Palast der Königin"
Picture of 'Saba'
Aktionskarte "Alabaster"
Picture of 'Saba'
Picture of 'Saba'
Banner "Saba - Palast der Königin"
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