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New World

Year:1990Picture of 'New World'
Designer:Derek Carver
Publisher name:Avalon Hill
Status:Out of print
Article number:884
Weight:1225 g
No. of players:2-6
Age:10 years and up
English reviews:EZ
Online shop:EFUN (EN)
Predecessors:Conquistador (1983); Avalon Hill; Richard Berg
Conquistador (1976); SPI; Richard Berg
Box text:NEW WORLD is a simple, multi-player game which re-creates the Age of Discovery in the 15th- 18th centuries as the powers of Europe explore, conquer, an ultimately colonize all of the Americas. The game compresses 300 years of westward expansion into a few hours of playing time ... spanning the decades from the maiden voyage of Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock through the conquests of Cortez and Pizarro and the ultimate wars of imperialism which followed as Spain, England, and France clashed time and again over the riches of the New World.
Contents:22" x 16" Mounted Mapboard, 26 Area Hex Tiles, 3 Sheets of Die-Cut Playing Pieces, 1 Pad of Planning Sheets, 6 Fleet/Sequence of Play Card, 4 Six-sided Dice, 5 Denominations of Play Money, 1 Eight-page Rules
Remark:Spieldauer: ca. 1 Stunde pro Spieler
Picture of 'New World'
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