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U.S. Games Systems

Publisher name:U.S. Games Systems
U.S. Game Systems
Street:179 Ludlow Street
City:Stamford, CT 06902
Phone:++1-800-544 2637
Fax:++1+203-353 8431

Published games

Alienz2004Mike Fitzgerald
Bryan Kaelin
Jim Kaelin
U.S. Games SystemsBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN)09.01.07  
Cavendish1996 U.S. Games SystemsBoard  10.01.07  
Charlie Brown Plays Baseball1995Mike FitzgeraldU.S. Games SystemsBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN)09.01.07  
Duo  U.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN)09.01.07  
Get The Goods1997Mick Ado
Alan R. Moon
U.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), Faidutti (EN,FR)08.01.07  
Hattrick!  U.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN)11.01.07US$ 5 
HeartSwitch2013Joe AndrewsU.S. Games SystemsBoard  24.12.14  
HOOYAH2012Mike FitzgeraldU.S. Games SystemsBoard Spieletest (DE)20.04.13  
Lord of the Rings Tarot1997 U.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN), ER (EN)08.01.07 12 
Military Uniform Cards  U.S. Games SystemsBoard  10.01.07  
Mystery Rummy: Case No. 1: Jack the Ripper1998Mike FitzgeraldU.S. Games SystemsBoardMystery RummyDCLIQ (DE), E2P (EN), EBG (EN), EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), EFUN (EN), ER (EN), Faidutti (EN,FR)16.01.07US$ 7.95 
Mystery Rummy: Case No. 2: Murders in the Rue Morgue1999Mike FitzgeraldU.S. Games SystemsBoardMystery RummyE2P (EN), EBG (EN), EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), Faidutti (EN,FR)10.01.07US$ 7.95 
Mystery Rummy: Case No. 3: Jekyll & Hyde2001Mike FitzgeraldU.S. Games SystemsBoardMystery RummyDCLIQ (DE), E2P (EN), EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), Faidutti (EN,FR)10.01.07US$ 7.95 
Play Your Cards!  U.S. Games SystemsBook  10.01.07  
Quickword  U.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN)10.01.07  
Quickword Travel Edition  U.S. Games SystemsBoard  09.01.07  
Take 61994Wolfgang KramerU.S. Games SystemsBoard BoardGameGeek-INFO (EN), EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN), ERO (EN)10.01.07US$ 5 
The Comic Strip Game  U.S. Games SystemsBoard  16.08.07  
Weatherslam1982 U.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN-ORDER (EN)10.01.07US$ 9.95 
Wizard1984Ken FisherU.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN)10.01.07  
Wizard Deluxe Edition1999Ken FisherU.S. Games SystemsBoard EFUN (EN), EFUN-ORDER (EN)10.01.07  
WOW: World of Words2013Ken FisherU.S. Games SystemsBoard  24.12.14  
Wyvern  U.S. Games SystemsBoardWyvernEFUN-ORDER (EN), Faidutti (EN,FR)11.01.07  
Wyvern Gold Coins  U.S. Games SystemsBoardWyvern 11.01.07  
Wyvern Starter Set  U.S. Games SystemsBoardWyvern 11.01.07  
Wyvern: the Insider 's Game  U.S. Games SystemsBookWyvern 11.01.07  

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